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“I started working with you in June and within three months, August was my most lucrative month of my entire business.”

- Jessica Zweig, personal branding consultant
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“For the first time, I got off a prospect call feeling good. And the prospect is already sending their payment!”

- Amanda Wright, workforce consultant

Hi! I'm Leah Neaderthal,

and I'm a sales coach for women business owners.

But I've never been a salesperson.

I’m a business owner who learned how to sell to new clients through running my consulting businesses.

That means I know it's 1000x harder to sell your own stuff than it is to sell someone else's.

But I also know it's possible to learn how to do it.

It just takes learning the steps.


Now I teach smart, driven women like you

You killed it in your corporate career, then went off on your own. Which was awesome... until it came to getting new clients.

Doing the work is totally your jam.

But selling in the work feels salesy and uncomfortable.

If this sounds like you, then I can teach you how to sign the clients you want for your business in 10 weeks or less.

No salesy tricks, no trendy automations that only work for B2C.

Just strategies that work, build great client relationships, and let you be yourself.


"In the last year, we were able to grow our corporate clients by 82%. That was wild for me particularly. About two months after I started SIGNED, I had my best sales month ever in August. We were just killing it. I was blown away."

- Emi Kamemoto, leadership consultant

"Working with Leah has been a game-changer. We couldn't have done it without her deep understanding of the sales process, her help thinking through how to move opportunities forward, and her ability to mold the CRM so we can use it as engine to grow our business."

- Kathryn Poindexter, political consultant

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"I’ve already started using the strategies you’ve shared and they’re making a huge difference in how clients are responding to me!"

- Lauren Lizardo, outsourced CFO