FREE Manifesto for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

"Love, love, love the manifesto for women entrepreneurs! I'm going to print and hang in my office!" - Jodie Graham, leadership coach


The Smart Gets Paid Manifesto

The manifesto for ambitious women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are some of the toughest people out there. You slay the work, and you get great results for your clients.

But getting new clients... that can be tougher. 😬 It can feel salesy, you might not know what to do, or you might just be getting in your own way.

So if you want to get new clients for your consulting, coaching, or creative services business, and you need a boost, this manifesto is your rallying cry.

  • If you feel weird about reaching out to a potential client, let it REASSURE you.
  • If you start to reduce your price, let it challenge you to go HIGHER.
  • If you’re nervous about a sales conversation, let it give you COURAGE.
  • And if you feel like an imposter, let it show you that you BELONG here.  

This is your manifesto.

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Full text: The Manifesto for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

We are smart. (It’s not just an adjective, it’s a way of being.)  

We get results. (We do incredible work that makes a difference in our clients’ worlds.)  

We know our value. (Our work provides tremendous value to our clients, and that value has a price.)  

We don’t hide. (Putting ourselves out there can feel uncomfortable, but we know that the people we can help are waiting for us.)  

We are always learning. (Knowledge is our rocket fuel.)  

We invest in ourselves. (We close the gap between where we are and where we want to be.)  

We rise above messages about what women should and shouldn’t do. (And we have compassion for ourselves and the messages we’ve unknowingly internalized.)  

We let go of the beliefs that hold us back. (We honor our experiences, but release anything that no longer serves us.)  

We push ourselves. (No one is harder on us than we are.)  

We put on our capes. (We do what needs to be done.)  

We get the clients we want. (The ones that make us excited, that fuel our soul, that we can get incredible results for.)  

We get paid what we want. (Even the numbers we used to only dream about.)  

We make ourselves proud. (We set high standards and exceed them.)  

Our time is now. (The world is ready, it’s time for us to show up.)