Give your audience an experience that will change their business forever.

Women entrepreneurs say customer acquisition is the #1 most challenging part of their business.*

Your audience feels that pain every single day. They’re looking to your organization to help them solve that problem.

If you can help them do that, they’ll come back to you year after year.

Enter Leah.

Leah specializes in helping women sell without feeling salesy. She provides actionable steps that lead to tangible results.

And she has documented results with real case studies - up to 10x in revenue!

Leah is available for keynotes, interviews, and private workshops.


Relatable, warm, and funny

Leah has been where your audience is.

She was running her business, struggling to land new clients, frustrated, and wondering if she should go back to an office job.

But she unlocked the secrets of how to land new clients, and now she shares how she went from “zero,” to a 92% win rate and signing $3MM in work.

Her story of self-discovery and learning is relatable and inspiring to women entrepreneurs at any stage.

Leah’s style is warm, approachable, and disarming.

She wraps sales lessons in stories -- charming, and often self-deprecating -- that let you feel like you haven’t just learned something; you’ve made a new friend.

Leah speaks for

  • Women business groups
  • Women organizations
  • Business groups
  • Business organizations
  • Startup/entrepreneurship groups

Speaking topics

  • Smart Gets Paid: Step-by-Step to Better Clients With Bigger Budgets
  • Embracing a Sales Mindset: How To Sell Without Feeling Salesy
  • How To Land New Clients, Even If You Hate Selling

And topics on how to get paid more per contract, how to overcome imposter syndrome, and more.

michele kelly circle

"Leah was a guest speaker for our group - I learned more in that two-hour session than from all the books I've read on sales and client relationship building throughout my career!"

- Michele Kelly, corporate storytelling agency owner
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“I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed your webinar with the PRCC!!!!! WOW. Thank you! So much of what you said hit home for me.”

- Allyson Conklin, PR agency owner

Leah's presentation on Embracing a Sales Mindset was fantastic! She really helped me think about sales in an entirely new way. I took 3 pages of notes! I'm already starting to use her advice in my conversations with clients. Thanks Leah!

- Kim Hunter, Founder of Women Catalysts