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October 31, 2017
Introducing M37
November 7, 2017

Here’s the announcement I promised…

Earlier this week I mentioned an exciting announcement coming, and I can't keep it under wraps anymore.

First, I want to thank you for everything you've shared with me over the past two years. In that time, you've been open about sharing the struggles you're facing in your business:

  • Many of you are frustrated because you're not getting enough leads, and you don't know where to find new clients.
  • When you do get leads, you're not sure how to get them to sign on. If they say yes in the first call, great! But if not… then what?
  • You're not sure whether you're talking about your business in the best way possible.
  • Most of you have the sneaking feeling you're leaving money on the table, but you're not sure how to charge more.
  • Nearly all of you are trying to balance getting clients with doing the work and running the business, and work is eating into your non-work life in ways you didn't expect.

But the most important conversations aren't about what you're doing.

They're about how you're feeling.

  • You've shared with me that you feel frustrated. You feel like should know how to sell and how to run your business.
  • Some of you feel like an imposter. People think you're running a business and living this great life, and they have no idea how much money you're actually NOT making.
  • Nearly all of you feel lonely, and you have a hard time finding other entrepreneurs at the same point in their business as you are, struggling with the same things.
  • Many of you are afraid that you'll never make real money, and the business will never get easier.

What you've shared with me is real, and honest, and these feelings can eat away at the confidence and optimism that you need in order to succeed. I know because I experienced those same things.

In our conversations, blog posts, and other work, I've tried to help with parts of it.

But when you're running a business, and your business is yourself, everything is connected. You can't just solve one part at a time.

You can't talk about getting a bunch of new clients without talking about how you're going to actually do the work and keep your sanity.

You can't talk about streamlining your systems without talking about how it affects your clients' experience.

You can't talk about going out and talking to potential clients without talking about confidence and how you feel inside.

You can't talk about growing your business without talking about the limiting beliefs you inherited as a child.

So that's what this new program is about: Working with you on your whole business to help you make more money, work with incredible clients, deliver the work more easily, and run your business with less time and effort.

And you'll be doing it alongside other incredible business owners who are at your same place, struggling with what you're struggling with, and going through it together. This is your tribe.

This new program isn't a course. It's an intensive coaching and implementation program in which you'll work directly with me to build your business over the course of several months.

This isn't a quick fix, and it isn't an item on the "when I get around to it" list. This is for people who want 2018 to be the year they start to make real money in their consulting or coaching business.

It will be hard, and I won't let you skate by, but I promise it will be worth it.

The Next Step

I'm opening the application next week and if this sounds like a program you could benefit from, I hope you'll take a moment and apply.

If you'd like to learn more, I'm doing a Facebook Live on Tuesday, November 7th at 9am PST / 12pm EST, at this link. I'll be sharing the details of the program and answering any questions.

If you haven't yet, be sure to like Smart Gets Paid so you can view the video. I hope to see you there!


Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to know you, to work with you, and to help you grow your business!

To your (big, bold, 2018) success,


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