Success Stories


Working with Leah on the way I talk about myself and my business, my messaging went from “pretty good”, to absolutely compelling. She helped me crystallize what I do, and the value I provide, in a crisp, clear way.

I can tell a noticeable difference in my conversations with clients. The other day when I used the new messaging, it sparked a completely different and more productive conversation. Talking about my business value with Leah's messaging, the response was immediate: “We need to have LEADright do this. We don’t need to search for anyone else.”

- Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II, leadership consultant for educators

"Two months after I started SIGNED,

I had my best sales month ever."

"In the last year, we were able to grow our corporate clients by 82%. That was wild for me particularly.

About two months after I started SIGNED, I had my best sales month ever in August. We were just killing it. I was blown away."

- Emi Kamemoto, runs leadership programs for professional women

I was blown away by Leah’s ability to quickly streamline our client acquisition process. Despite our complex needs, she listened intensely and quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and pinpointed exactly where people were getting stuck in our checkout process. In one hour we completely re-designed the process to tighten up our sales funnel, reduce the potential for human error (and the need for manual management!), and were left with a system to increase our revenue per sale. I felt like I had a life-altering breakthrough in my therapist's office, but for my business! Leah is worth her weight in gold.

- Emilie Aries, runs leadership programs for professional women

"You said something to us

that both of us will never forget..."

"Since we've been working together, our income has multiplied by 10 times.

You really helped us create the infrastructure to hit the ground running and be off. And in the next year, we expect to double that."

- Arlene Wanetick and Wilma Nachsin, career coaches

It’s already working! I tried your recommendation yesterday - not only did it work really well, but it completely sped up the process of getting a client to sign her contract! Thanks Leah!

- Cheryl Susman, consultant & coach for parents with ADHD

I'm already seeing results in myself and in my business in the caliber of people I'm able to sign, the frequency and the price point at which I'm able to sign them.

- Alice Chen, leadership consultant

"Your approach is tangible, approachable,

and it works."

"Our proposal, business development approach has just drastically changed.

We've been able to know sooner who's ours to work with, what do we say no to, and in a great, very freeing way."

- Amy Lazarus, diversity & inclusion consultant

Working with Leah is like getting a shot of adrenaline for your business. She has this amazing ability to help you think bigger, take the necessary steps to bring your ideas to life, and grow your business. If you want the inspiration and tools to take your business to the next level, Leah is the one to call.

- Sativa Turner, industrial designer