Private Sales Coaching


You’re ready to play bigger.


In the clients you work with.

What they’re paying you.

And how you’re growing your business.


At this point, you're past the basics.

Now it's about taking what's working and supercharging it. Identifying what's tripping you up and breaking those patterns. And making smart decisions.

So you can grow bigger, faster.

But it's hard to do it alone. You just don't how to make that happen, and you don't have time to teach yourself.

It's time to work with a partner who sees your vision and can help you get there.

Sound familiar? Let's talk.


Working with me, my clients are:

1) Getting paid more for every client engagement, resulting in hundreds of thousands dollars in new revenue

2) Getting proactive about business development and going after the clients they really want

3) Increasing their win rate

4) Gaining better balance so they can spend time with family and friends


My clients have seen these results:

✓ Tripled their revenue, from 6-figures to 7-figures

✓ Knocked their revenue goals out of the park

✓ Charged and gotten paid 5-figures more for every single client engagement

✓ Increased lead generation 480% with no ad spend

✓ Eliminated 120 hours from unnecessary admin work (equivalent to 2 weeks/year)

Check out the Success Stories page for more.

If you're looking for these results for your business, let's talk.
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jessica zweig circle small

Your fairy dust has helped accelerate my business immensely! I feel so confident communicating my value, I’ve raised my prices to match that value, and every client has said yes to the higher rate. The proposals you’ve helped put together are incredibly effective, and so easy to put together. With your support, even small tweaks in my business development turn into huge steps forward in my business.

- Jessica Zweig, personal branding agency owner
paula brantner

Leah has helped me unlock the secret to growing my sales. I have a way to stay organized, and I know exactly where to focus my energy. I also have an incredible visibility into my pipeline, so I know how much revenue I stand to make in a way I never have before. And I finally have a way to do outreach to potential clients in a meaningful way. But beyond what I can do now, I think the biggest change is in how I feel: more confident about selling, more in control, and finally able to go out and grow my revenue.

- Paula Brantner, workforce consultant
kathryn poindexter

Working with Leah has been a game-changer. We couldn't have done it without her deep understanding of the sales process, her help thinking through how to move opportunities forward, and her ability to mold the CRM so we can use it as the engine to grow our business. In the early stages of a new business it can be hard to make the decision to invest in systems, but getting Leah's help is some of the best money we've spent so far and it was worth every penny.

- Kathryn Poindexter, political consultant

Leah has this exceptional ability to help you cut through self doubt, quiet the noise, and help you step into your awesomeness. She has a gift for understanding what’s holding you back, then not only empowering you, but mapping out ways to help you overcome your roadblocks. I consider myself lucky to have her in my corner.

- Courtney Wallace, web designer
emilie aries

I was blown away by Leah’s ability to quickly streamline our client acquisition process. We completely re-designed the process to tighten up our sales funnel, reduce the potential for human error (and the need for manual management!), and were left with a system to increase our revenue per sale. I felt like I had a life-altering breakthrough in my therapist's office, but for my business! Leah is worth her weight in gold.

- Emilie Aries, leadership consulting for professional women
If you're looking for these results for your business, let's talk.
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sativa turner

Working with Leah is like getting a shot of adrenaline for your business. She has this amazing ability to help you think bigger, take the necessary steps to bring your ideas to life, and grow your business. If you want the inspiration and tools to take your business to the next level, Leah is the one to call.

- Sativa Turner, industrial designer
arlene wilma

We can't thank Leah enough and can't stress enough how valuable she is. If you're in business for yourself or thinking about it, let her be your secret weapon. Leah is a savvy entrepreneur, sales maven, and tough-but-tender business coach who provided us with the necessary guidance and infrastructure to get us out of Post-it note hell....and gave us much more. She helped us stay organized and strategic, brainstormed with us, kept us on target, and challenged our thinking when we needed to consider different approaches. In additional to helping us with numerous business issues, we must also mention that we really like her. You will, too.

- Arlene Wanetick & Wilma Nachsin, career coaches
lauren lizardo circle small

In just a short time since I’ve been using your strategies, I’ve seen a huge difference in how potential clients respond to me. Before, when people asked me what I do, I used to talked about my services. Now I lead with value, and it totally changes the conversation. I used that approach with a woman I met recently who would be a great client, and as soon as I said my value statement, she said “Oh! Tell me more!” We’ve already set up a meeting with her and her business partner. But the best part is that it feels totally natural!

- Lauren Lizardo, outsourced CFO
alison friedman

I have meetings on the schedule from three of the people I emailed last week and already had a good meeting with a fourth! So your plan is working!!

- Alison Friedman, performing arts producer
If you're looking for these results for your business, let's talk.
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