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February 6, 2020
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February 9, 2020

Are you on your way to where you want to be?

January is over. Done-zo.

One-twelfth of the year is behind us. Which begs the question: are you one-twelfth of the way to where you want to be?

A few weeks ago, you set some big goals. And now that we’re wrapping up the first month of the year, you might be feeling defeated or worried that you haven’t landed the projects you want, or you don’t have much on the horizon. 


Think for a moment about your own process for buying something. When you go out to make a large purchase — a car, a house, a coaching program — do you just whip out your card and pay for it, five minutes after you hear about it? Or do you take the time to carefully consider the value of what you’re getting?

Your clients are the same way. They’re not going to say yes to a $15,000 project after a single email or phone call. 

And if they’re not saying yes at all, then it’s not about dropping the price. It’s that they didn’t see the value in what you provide. Then you need to rethink the way you describe yourself and your work.

Thankfully, a change like that is easier than you might think to make. You don’t need to do a rebrand, or blow up your entire website. It’s about simple, small tweaks you can make right now. 

For example, if you have a sales call lined up for today, take five minutes right now to rephrase the way you normally describe what you do to focus on the value you deliver.

Instead of “I run leadership training,” try something like, “I help your new managers become effective leaders.”

Instead of, “I can manage your PR,” what about, “I can help your company get the same coverage as the biggest brands in your industry.”

A simple switch like this on that call is the first step towards establishing you as an expert who delivers massive value. This is a critical step — which is why it’s what we focus on right in the beginning of SIGNED. We spend all of Week 2 working on your value-based messaging — and the results are immediate

One of my students saw that immediate change first-hand.

She manages licensing and partnership opportunities. The upside is tremendous — but the deals can take years to close. When you’re working on commission, that means you can put in an enormous amount of work long before you get paid.

Thanks to SIGNED, she started focusing on that value in her messaging, and she created value-based pricing to match — in the range of a 5 figure retainer — to start working on the deal, in addition to the commission on the backend. 

When you have a real understanding of the value you deliver, everything changes. Your posture changes. The way you feel when you sit at your desk changes. The way you talk to clients changes. And the way they respond to you changes, too. 

While you’re sitting around being quietly awesome, the women in SIGNED are stepping into their value, putting it front and center, and seeing the change in their business, their bank account, and their lives.

You deserve the same thing.

If you want to claim your place among these women, apply for SIGNED. After you answer a few questions you’ll be invited to book a call with my team to learn if SIGNED can help you.  

There’s no commitment or obligation, and if we can’t help you, we’ll let you know on that call.

You deserve this spot. You deserve to be shining in the spotlight so that everyone else can see exactly how talented you are. 

Apply and book your call with my team now so that you can stop being quietly awesome — and start living the life you were meant to have.

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