Do you have “selling shyness”?
January 16, 2018
Looks like the cat’s out of the bag
January 24, 2018

I almost cancelled the call…

I almost cancelled the call.

It wasn’t the first time either.

It happened before every sales call.

I got that sense of dread. What if I didn’t know what to say? What if she asked about my prices? What if I was awkward?

I had “selling shyness”.

There’s something about selling that feels so… strange. It takes people who are otherwise super capable, and saps the confidence right out of them.

I asked the people who are coming to the “Overcoming Selling Shyness” class on Tuesday how they feel when they talk to potential clients.

Here’s what a few of them said:

“I worry I’m going to under deliver and mess my reputation up for life.”

“I’m excited to talk with someone about our services, but I’m scared I will say the wrong thing.”

“I’m great with rapport, connection, and asking questions. But sometimes that old thought of ‘I’m not worth it’ still seeps in.”

“Excitement but still some anxiety at the prospect of making a sale.”


So what do we do? We say, “I’m just not a salesperson.”

But we can’t give up.


Because if you can overcome “selling shyness,” and bring on the clients you want… the world opens up to you.

So much benefit to you and your business.

All those people who are coming to the class? They know what they have to gain. Here’s why they’re fighting:


“It would allow me to relax, focus on the work that truly fulfills me and helps my clients, and continue to expand business.”

“It would give me serenity and financial stability, which I guess are both intertwined.”

“Well, that would mean my business is a real business!”

“I’d be able to go full time into photography.”

“I’d be sailing!”


What about you? What would being able to confidently sign clients do for you? For your business?

Join me and take the first step towards getting there. I’ll show you the exact steps to do it.

Overcoming “Selling Shyness”: Gain authentic confidence so you can sign the clients you want

Tuesday, January 23

2pm EST / 11am PST

Sign up today!

“Leah has helped me unlock the secret to growing my sales. I think the biggest change is in how I feel: more confident about selling, more in control, and finally able to go out and grow my revenue.”

– Paula Brantner, President & Principal, PB Work Solutions

See you there!


To your success,


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