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June 30, 2019
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September 8, 2019

Meet my littlest team member

I’d like to introduce you to our littlest member of the Smart Gets Paid team: my newborn son, Noah Gordon Monaghan.

After a 9-month interview process, Noah is settling into his new role as Chief Cuddle Officer. He joined our team on Sunday, August 25, weighing 7.2 lbs and measuring 19 inches long.

My wife Emily Monaghan and I are totally in love. 😍😍😍

For the past 8 months, I’ve been scaling my business to prepare for this moment (I’ll tell you more about how I did that over the next few months).

So while I’m spending time with my family, my team is here to help you:

For current students

If you’re in SIGNED and you need coaching help, please post in the Private Coaching Community and tag coach Christine.

If you’re currently in Pack Your Pipeline and you need coaching help, please post in the Pack Your Pipeline Private Community.

If you’re thinking about joining SIGNED or Pack Your Pipeline

The next SIGNED class will start on Thursday, October 3. To learn more about the 10-week program and see results from recent students, visit smartgetspaid.com/signed. Note that this class is already filling up, so don’t wait to apply.

To learn about Pack Your Pipeline to help you get ideal client leads into your consulting business using LinkedIn, with the support of your expert coach Shaily Hakimian, visit smartgetspaid.com/linkedin.

To learn more about both of these programs and see if they’re right for you, please reach out to my Program Specialist, Mandy Miller: mandy@smartgetspaid.com. 

Or you can schedule a 15-minute laser coaching call with Mandy at a time that works for you: click here to schedule a Laser Coaching Session.

If you have other questions
For anything else that’s not listed here, please email my business manager Richard Chen at team@smartgetspaid.com and he’ll get back to you.

To your success,
Leah (and Emily and Noah)

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