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January 6, 2019
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January 20, 2019

Can we stop blaming women for this now??

Selling is harder for women.  In my experience, and in the experience of the clients I work with, and in that of the hundreds of women I talk to each year, this has been proven true.

I was recently interviewed by brand strategist Maria Ross, and this came up in our conversation…

Maria is a graduate of my SIGNED program (and she was a rockstar student, DOUBLING her engagement prices without adding more scope to her proposals, and clients said yes to her new pricing without blinking an eye)… so she knows my methodology and why it works for consultants and service providers to land higher-paying clients.


And we both agree: selling is often harder for women.


AND we know why: because of the mindset “junk” we have to overcome.

That little voice that says, “Don’t toot your own horn.” Or, “You already emailed once; don’t be a stalker.” Or, “Who do you think you are?”

BUT… if you have this mindset junk (and everyone does on some level), I want you to know: it’s not your fault.


Let me repeat: If you are holding onto crap you’ve been carrying around in your own mind, and if that same crap comes up when you think about selling, that does not mean it’s your fault.


Why do I care about pointing this out? Because when you think something is your own fault, it can send you into a shame spiral, which doesn’t help the situation and actually ends up making you feel worse.

So I need you to know: this crap you’re carrying around, these weren’t just silly ideas that flitted their way into your mind. This is the result of years, decades… heck, GENERATIONS of societal conditioning about how women should behave, speak to others, ask for, look out for ourselves.

Being willing to face this “junk”, recognize it’s there, and take steps to work through it… it’s incredibly brave.

And it’s one of the reasons I love coaching women. Because the tactical and strategic pieces of my sales methodology are powerful… but we also take a hard look at the conditioning and mindset that has been holding you back, dissolve those beliefs, and replace them with healthy beliefs that enable you to move forward with authentic confidence.

And that’s where the real breakthroughs happen.

You can see my complete conversation with Maria right here. I addition to mindset, we also dig into:


  • building a healthy sales pipeline so you can stop worrying about revenue
  • having better sales conversations
  • booking more of the right clients (so you make more money. not do more work)
  • And more!






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