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December 27, 2019
A message from Mandy
December 27, 2019

Trusting the universe is NOT a strategy

For over 10 years, she had gotten all of her clients through referrals. But now she was getting worried. 

“I’ve always trusted that the universe would provide. And for many years, it has. But I don’t think it’s wise to continue trusting the universe.”

And I agreed.

Trusting the universe is not a strategy.

Sure, trusting the universe means you don’t actually have to put yourself in the uncomfortable position of going out and getting new clients. You don’t have to reach out to someone who you don’t know, or ask for the business. 

It doesn’t challenge you to do anything different than you’ve done before. Or grow as a business owner.

And it impacts your bottom line.

When you trust the universe to bring you clients, it means not knowing if, or when, the next client will come your way. What if it doesn’t provide and you have no backup way to get clients?

When you trust the universe, it can mean that your income is erratic, so you can’t plan ahead for expenses, or bring on new team members.

Trusting the universe is safe for your ego. But it’s not safe for your business.

But when you learn HOW to get new clients, that’s safe for your ego AND for your business. Because you know how to get the clients you want, and you’re in control.

It’s possible to do it in a way that isn’t salesy, that lets you be yourself, and develops great relationships with your clients. So you’re working with them, not for them. 

Now I want to hear from you: When it comes to getting new clients for your business, do you have a strategy and a sales process? Or are you trusting the universe? 

To your success,


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