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February 6, 2018
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Who is your biggest competitor?

Who is your biggest sales competitor?

If you’re a solopreneur, it might not be who you think…

If you’re a large company, your biggest competitor is another company in your industry. If you’re Airbnb, for example, your biggest competitor is VRBO.

But for most small businesses, your biggest might competitor might surprise you.

20-60% of opportunities AREN’T lost to other providers.

They’re lost to “no decision”.

Your potential clients simply aren’t making a decision at all.

And when you’re a solopreneur, that’s the worst. It means your prospects go cold, go silent, or simply keep stalling until both of you lose interest.

All of which feels pretty crappy.


Has it ever happened to you? You’re talking to a potential client, things seem to be going well, and then…


No “you’re hired!”

No “sorry, we’re going with someone else.”

No “we want to work with you, but the price is a little high.”

Just… nothing.


So what’s the remedy?

Knowing how to command the sales process.

It’s knowing how to keep the process moving along.

How to un-stick prospects who get stuck or go quiet.

And feeling confident enough to take the lead.

All so you can lead your prospects from the first contact to a successful close, and avoid your biggest competitor – “no decision”.

Have you ever lost an opportunity to “no decision”? How did it feel? How did you know that the deal was lost? Write back and let me know.

There’s something else you can do too.

If you want to gain the CONFIDENCE to lead your clients and the SKILLS to command the sales process, join me next Thursday for my master class, Overcoming “Selling Shyness”: Gain authentic confidence so you sign the clients you want.

You’ll learn the exact approach I teach my clients, and you’ll walk away with steps you can start to take that afternoon to feel more authentically confident.


Register today!


Overcoming “Selling Shyness”: Gain authentic confidence so you sign the clients you want

Thursday, February 22

2pm EST / 11am PST

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To your success,



P.S. When you’re ready, head over to SIGNED. SIGNED is a 10-week, step-by-step program to help women solopreneurs and entrepreneurs learn to consistently and confidently sign new clients.

SIGNED is specifically designed for women business owners like you who are confident in the work you do, but who feel nervous, uncomfortable or unsure when you’re selling to new clients.

In SIGNED I reveal the exact strategy that I used to overcome my own fear of selling, master the sales process, and make 7-figures. I teach how to:

1) Generate high-value leads and build your sales pipeline

2) Create an easy-to-follow sales process

3) Position your business in a way that makes clients WANT to work with you

4) Consistently take leads from the first contact to a successful close

5) Get paid bigger numbers

6) Write winning proposals

7) Generate referrals and upsells

8) Master the crucial mindset shift that not only impacts selling, it impacts your business forever


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