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October 9, 2018
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October 21, 2018

The reason most trendy sales tactics fail

When I got the email below, my heart just hurt. Another day, another promise to entrepreneurs of a “silver bullet” to getting new clients.

The problem? All these silver bullet tactics are for B2C, not B2B.

why trendy sales tactics fail

A lot of business coaches want you to believe that the sales process looks like this:

Do something simple —> Get a client

That’s fine when you’re selling to individuals: people who can purchase your solution with a credit card.

But when you sell to companies, it looks more like this:

First contact with a prospect —> Discovery call —> Navigate the vortex of the company’s decision-making process over weeks or months —> Client says yes

If you sell to companies, you know what I’m talking about. You might have a great intro call with someone, but your clients usually can’t simply say yes on the phone. So what happens next?

So it’s no wonder that automated sales funnels, call scripts, or other trendy tactics won’t work for B2B. They’re simply not designed to.

(If you sell to companies and you’ve been frustrated that these tactics aren’t working for you, this is probably why.)

But there’s good news. If you can master the B2B sales, you can use that knowledge to sell B2C. But it doesn’t work the other way around.

Listen – most of us came from corporate. We know that hiring a service provider takes more than hearing someone read from a slick script.

So what DOES work?

Understanding how to LEAD a B2B sales process, anchoring the process around the specific value that your work brings to your clients, knowing how to help your clients navigate their own internal process, and giving them something they can say yes to (that’s also extremely profitable for you).

So next time you start to get enticed by using a silver bullet solution in your business, think about your clients. Would they say be able to say yes to that?

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