Deep breath + podcast break

The owl and the cheese
November 22, 2020

Deep breath + podcast break

Well, that was a different Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? For many of us, it wasn’t the pause from life that we usually get.

But this year, I think a lot of us are finding different ways to pause and take a break from life. (My current methods of choice: hitting the Peloton hard, and going on extra-long walks with my dog.)

If you want to create some space for yourself by tuning out and listening to a podcast, I wanted to share three of mine from this past year. Feel free to choose one, take a long walk, and enjoy.

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How to Get (and Keep) Clients in Uncertain Times featuring Leah Neaderthal, on the Copyblogger Podcast
In this interview, I’m chatting with Copyblogger CEO Darrell Vesterfelt about how to mentally and practically approach your business in weird times, and why you might not need to “pivot”.
33 minutes
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Mastering Sales As A Consultant with Leah Neaderthal, on the Seven-Figure Consultant Podcast
In this interview, I’m talking with business growth coach Jessica Fearnley about how to feel more in control of your sales process, and how to stop feeling like you need to saying “yes” to every potential client who comes your way.
31 minutes
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3 Million Dollar Sales Strategies with Leah Neaderthal, on The Why and The Buy podcast
In this podcast I’m chatting with sales legends Jeff Bajorek and Christie Walters about how selling as an entrepreneur is actually quite different than selling as a salesperson, and the three sales strategies entrepreneurs can start using today.
40 minutes
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After you’ve listened to one, write back to let me know which one you picked, and one thing you learned from it!



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