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December 27, 2019
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December 27, 2019

A message from Mandy

Mandy here. We’ve been talking about the awesome group of women who take SIGNED over the past couple of weeks, and I had to chime in.

As Leah’s Program Specialist, I get a front row seat to the community and the women who join it. That’s because I get to talk to each woman who inquires about our SIGNED program and help them decide if it’s a good fit. If it is, and if I know we can help them see results, then I get to offer them a spot in the program.

And I have to say: there’s something really special about the women who join our community in SIGNED.

But before I tell you why, I need to tell you what brought ME into the Leah-verse.

After 10 years working in for-profit education and 11 years in hospitality/entertainment, I decided to work for myself, helping women business owners personally connect with their potential clients and see if they’re a good fit to work together.

But the first clients I got with my business… they just didn’t fit with who I wanted to be helping. 

First, I hate to say it, but it was a lot of women who decided they were life coaches five minutes ago. They didn’t have experience, tools, or strategies to truly help their clients.

Second, for a lot of them, it wasn’t clear what they were selling, actually. Their business didn’t really do anything. Their coaching was more in the “feel good” category and less in the “results” category, and I didn’t feel right offering that to their potential clients.

That’s why I was so excited when I read that Leah was looking for a Program Specialist, so I applied. 

I thought I had found something good when she and I first started talking. And after several rounds of interviews, she invited me to join her team. 

But once I dove in started talking to the women who were joining SIGNED, that’s when I really knew I was in the right place.

> First, because Leah’s the real deal. She teaches women how to grow a consulting business… because she’s actually run a consulting business. She teaches women how to sell… because she herself had to actually learn how to sell. She isn’t just talking the talk. She’s walked it herself.

> Second, because Leah actually sells SOMETHING. Her stuff is real, it’s actionable, and it works. There’s no fluff or woo-woo (although there is some tough love).  

You’ve never had to sell before? Great – you’ll learn a step-by-step process. You need to send an email or write a proposal? There are templates for that. You need help with mindset? She teaches real mindset strategies based on psychology, with some real talk to un-learn how we’re socialized as women.

> But the best part: the women who join the program and the SIGNED community? They’re amazing. 

They’re exactly who I want to help by connecting them to the training they need to grow their business. Super smart, professional women who have taken their years of experience and have created businesses. Real businesses.

Like the branding expert I talked to last week. Or the copywriter who works with mid-sized companies. Or the user researcher. Or the SEO expert.  Or the microbiologist who sets up clinical testing labs for pharma companies. Or the leadership consultant.

They come from all types of career backgrounds. They sell to solopreneurs, small businesses, mid-sized businesses… all the way up to the Fortune 500.

When I talk to these women and help them get excited about what’s possible in their business, that’s the best part for me.

Listen, I know how this industry can be. A lot of fluff from people with dubious credentials, and learning alongside women you wouldn’t even want to grab coffee with. I know, because I saw that first-hand when I started my own business.

But this is different. It’s real stuff, from someone who’s been there, joining a community of your people. Women like you, who are as serious as you are about your business.

I’d love to meet you and see if this community is a good fit for you. Click here to schedule a 15-minute intro call. If it’s not the right fit, I’ll let you know right then on the call. 

I’m looking forward to talking to you!
Mandy Miller

Program Specialist, Smart Gets Paid

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