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June 20, 2018
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Your sales email has a big job to do

“I have to say, I was frustrated by your feedback…”

When I heard that, I wasn’t surprised.

My student had a whole list of people to reach out to: old colleagues, loose connections… people who could be clients or referrers. But she didn’t know what to say.

So we had been customizing one of my email templates to create an outreach email that would open the conversation with these folks. It had taken a few rounds of feedback.

Because this simple email had a big job.

It had to re-establish CONNECTION: to remind people how she knew them, even after years had passed. (Would they still even know who she is?)

It had to have the right TONE: not salesy, but not too reserved either. (And how to strike the right balance, when even sending a cold email can feel pushy.)

It had to talk about THE WORK: not about what her company does, but about the value her work provides. (And create enough interest to get them to write back, without feeling like you’re droning on and on.)

Isn’t it crazy how one simple email can bring up so much stuff?

We were getting SO CLOSE. And that’s when she said “I have to say, I was frustrated by your feedback… because you were right.”

Something had unlocked. She saw the way to communicate value in a few lines, generate interest, and re-establish connection. All in one email.

(If you want to write the perfect reach-out email and you want my templates to help you get started, let’s chat.)

The thing is, I’m OK being the bad guy if it means helping you break the old patterns keeping you from getting the clients you want. 

Because I know that it takes a few key things.

It takes EXAMINING the way you might have done things before, and being open to new approaches.

It takes UN-LEARNING anything you’ve learned that might be holding you back. (And when you’re a woman business owner, there’s a lot).

And of course…

It takes LEARNING the specific skills that help you take your clients from a lead to a successful close and get paid bigger numbers.

But that’s why my clients have their best sales months ever. Why they get paid twice as much for each client engagement. And why they finally feel comfortable with selling.

It’s why my clients tell me things like:

“Everything you’ve helped me with has broken a lot of barriers for me.” 
– Cheryl Susman, coach for parents with ADHD

(If your coach isn’t pushing you to break your old thought patterns, you need a new coach 😁).

So where can you start if you’re looking to break old thought patterns, so you can get the clients you want?

There are a few things you can do.

1. Listen to your thoughts. When you think about reaching out to a potential client, or following up, or even thinking about making more money, what messages are you hearing in your head?

2. Ask yourself if these messages are bringing you closer to where you want to go, or holding you back. As one of my old coaches said, “Everything you do either attracts or repels what you want.”

3. Make the decision to change. Setting an intention by itself won’t get you there, but you won’t get there without setting your intention.

And 4) Get help to make it happen. If you want to break your old patterns so you can start to reach your client goals, let’s talk. Schedule a 15-minute intro call at this link.

To your success,



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