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January 24, 2018
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February 6, 2018

How do you know who to ask?

She had just finished her story when she finally asked: “So what should I do?”

That day, she explained, she had run into an old friend. In catching up with the friend, my client talked about her business, and immediately the friend said, “Oh! You should talk to Jim. He could definitely use you.”

“So,” my client asked me, “should I have my friend pass on my contact info? Or should I just email that person myself and mention that my friend said I should reach out?”

I paused, then said one word.


If you ran into a question like that, who would you ask?

If you were a commissioned salesperson in a company, you would ping your VP of Sales. Easy peasy.

But business owners? We don’t have anyone to ask.

There are no colleagues to turn to…

No other business owners you can ask…

And forget the bros in your co-working space…

So we’re stuck in a spiral of not knowing. Of doubt. And of fear that we’re about to do the wrong thing.

I spent years in that spiral.

All the while, I craved someone to whom I could ask the simple question: “What do I do in this situation?”

That’s why I’ve created a Private Coaching Community as part of SIGNED, where I provide real-time coaching on the new clients you’re talking to.

“How do I price myself in this situation?”

“My prospect got back to me with a weird question. What do I say back?”

“Can you look at this email?”

Because it’s one thing to learn the “how” of selling. But to go from learning to mastery, you need support to put learning into practice, in real-time.

So through weekly coaching calls in the Private Coaching Community, I’m providing support to help you close the clients you’re working on.

The Community is where I become your own personal VP of Sales. And it’s included in SIGNED

If you’re tired of wondering, “What do I do in this situation?” or “Am I doing this right?” then it’s time to get the support you need. Sign up for SIGNED today and you’ll instantly join the Private Coaching Community.

Plus, for a limited time, you’ll get A BONUS ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CALL with me. This call is only available for a short time, so don’t miss out – sign up today!

So what did I tell my client when she asked what to do: have her friend send along her contact info or just reach out directly?

“Neither. Ask your friend to connect the two of you via email, and then offer to write an email that she can cut/paste to introduce you. But she needs to introduce you, not simply send along your info. It’s the introduction that’s important. So give her the tools to do that.”

And that is what I would tell you too.


To your success,



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