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October 21, 2016
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November 15, 2016

It pays to stay connected – how one business owner turned a No into a Yes

Inevitably, it happens. Despite all of your hard work throughout the sales process, your prospect chooses someone else (RUDE).

When that happens it’s easy to want to completely wash your hands of the whole thing (aka “you’re dead to me!”).

But hold on one second! There may still be an opportunity there.

Take Talia Klein-Perez, owner of ECStreme Communications, a social media and content marketing firm based in Israel. After losing a sale to a competitor she stayed on the case, and check out what happened:

    “Interviewed for a small project -> they liked me -> they took someone else who was cheaper -> their texts suck bad -> I contacted them with a list of spelling and punctuation mistakes on their site -> they hired me to rewrite for a higher fee than I originally asked.

    Moral of the story: If you don't land the client the first time, but really want to work with them, keep an eye on their work.

Awesome! Way to go Talia for turning a No into a Yes.

How can you do this with your clients? Try one of these strategies:


Ways To Keep An Eye On Clients So You Can Identify New Opportunities

  • Set up a Google Alert about the prospect
  • Subscribe to their newsletter
  • Follow the company’s social media feeds

Stay in touch, and make sure you’re continually adding value in every interaction. You just may be able to re-start a conversation and open up a new opportunity.


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Want to learn more strategies for staying connected with clients? Check out my the free guide 10 Ways To Follow Up With Clients… that won’t make you feel like you’re annoying them.

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