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July 17, 2018
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My definition of success: a milestone moment

There’s a saying in the startup world that goes, “Hustle until your idols become your rivals.”

The meaning is simple: work so hard that you reach the level of those you once looked up to.

But let’s be honest – that sounds douchey AF, right?

So, because I’m not a douchebag, I propose a new saying: “Hustle until your idols become your peers.”

This saying means so much to me because I’ve hit a huge milestone that feels like my definition of success: I’ve been invited to join the Women Sales Pros, a group of 50 women sales leaders.

This is such a Universe Moment that I just had to share it – check out the journey below. Maybe it will inspire you.

You might already know that I’ve never been a salesperson, and I’m completely self-taught when it comes to selling.

When I realized I had to learn how to get clients or my business would fail, I dove in to teaching myself. Over several years I read 65 books, tested every strategy with my own clients, and created a personal selling methodology that works and feels comfortable.

Those books I read? Many of them were written by the women of Women Sales Pros.

The incredible Jill Konrath, Joanne Black, Sharon Drew Morgen, and others… titans of selling.

They taught me skills I wove into my selling methodology, and ones I still use. Those are the skills that led me to start the business I run today, where I teach other women business owners how to get clients.

And it’s this work that caught the attention of the women of the Women Sales Pros. A long journey comes full circle.

So I’m honored to join the group. I hope I can provide as much value to them as they have provided me.

Hustle until your idols become your peers… and they will.

Want to see me on the Women Sales Pros site? Check out my profile here.


To your success,



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