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November 21, 2017
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November 30, 2017

What does “great money” mean to you?

What does “great money” mean to you?

I’m not just talking about OK money. Or good money.

But great money.

When I’ve asked other entrepreneurs, I’ve gotten a range of responses. Maybe one of these resonates with you.

Sometimes it means financial success:

  • Being able to take my family on vacation.
  • Making enough to put a down payment on a house.
  • “Great money” means I can paying off my student loans.
  • Fully funding my SEP IRA.

Sometimes it’s about quality of life:

  • Great money means I don’t have to work all the time just to cover my expenses.
  • It means I can take on fewer clients and have more time to myself.
  • It means I get to choose the clients I want to work with.

And other times, making great money is about how it makes you feel:

  • It means I don’t feel as anxious about my finances.
  • It means I can stop wondering whether I should go back and get a job.
  • Great money means I don’t have to doubt myself as an entrepreneur.


Here’s my question for you: What does “great money” mean to you?

Between you and me, I think a lot of business coaches are wrong about how to increase your revenue.

They start with a “clients first” approach.

You’ve probably seen it: It starts with, “I’ll help you get more clients…”. That translates to jamming your calendar with more clients and more work.

The problem is that when you’re an entrepreneur, everything is connected. You can’t just get a ton of new clients without it affecting your time, and by extension, your life. What’s the point of making more money if you’re working all the time?

That’s why it’s not just about getting more clients.

If you’re really going to grow your revenue in a way that’s significant and sustainable, you have to know how to sell, and you have to look at what happens after the sale.

  • Building your sales pipeline, so you don’t feel desperate to say yes to low-paying clients.
  • Charging a premium fee and getting away from charging hourly, so you’re making more money on each project.
  • Learning how to have masterful sales conversations, so you’re building the relationship and moving the opportunity to close.
  • Knowing what potential clients to go after and what to say no to.
  • Negotiating like a badass so that you never discount again.
  • Turning your awesome work into referrals and upsells.

That’s why SIGNED isn’t like those “get more clients” programs. It’s about helping you make the money you want to make, however that looks for you.

Whether that’s getting 5-figures more for every project, finally hitting the revenue number you’ve been dreaming about, or making just a little more money, but working a whole lot less.

The first thing we’ll do is dive into what your goals are. Then we’ll map out a personalized plan to get you there. Throughout the program, we’ll revisit it to make sure you’re on track.

Along the way, you’ll learn a proven framework for growing your revenue, get personalized coaching from me, and get support from your tribe.

This is what we’ll work on in SIGNED, and how we’ll get you from good money to great money.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who wants to start making great money this year (in whatever way that means to you), SIGNED is specially designed for you. Let’s build your business together. See you over there!

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