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February 17, 2019
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March 24, 2019

She was terrified to send a $10K invoice… but then…

I have a story for you:


This week, one of my students wrote to me and said, “Years ago, I was terrified when I sent a $10K invoice. In year 2, I made it a goal to do minimum $25K per project.”


And then, fast forward, guess what she closed earlier this week…


A contract for $155k. For a single project.


And honestly, the scope isn’t that different than she was doing before.

So what did it take to make this shift?

Well, first it took confidence. The confidence that comes from knowing that you bring tremendous value to your clients, and that value has a price.

Second, it took knowing the clients are who need what she does, and who can afford her.

And third, it took creating a new package that solves the exact problem her clients are facing, and messaging the package around solving that problem, rather than a set of tactics.

Now, this shift didn’t come overnight. She’s been in business for a few years, and the confidence and right clients piece took a little time to develop.

But that new package? We created that a few weeks ago, and she already closed one.

If, as you read her story, you said to yourself, “I could never do that. I could never charge that much.” or “My clients would never pay that,” then I want to tell you:


You can.


You may not be able to do it with the clients you’re working with now. Or the way you’re pricing yourself now.

But you CAN charge, and get paid, dramatically more than you are right at this moment. And without making you any busier than you are before.

I mean, think about it. My client is getting paid $155k for one project. And she’s no different than you.

I talk to women who are making half that amount in a full year, while working themselves to the bone. And they don’t have to.


It starts with believing that you can. Then, when you pair that belief with a strategy that works, then you can start to do it.

So here are my challenges to you:

  1. Give some time today to thinking about how you’re different than you were when you first started your business. Don’t gloss over achievements. Notice them and examine how you got to them. Think about how your confidence, expertise, and attitude has shifted.
  2. Look at what you’re offering to your customers. Is it based around tactics, or around value? How could you package it to better serve them?
  3. Are you ready to step it up and get paid dramatically more for every client contract? Hit reply to this email with “MORE” in the subject line – we can jump on a 15 minute laser coaching call and see if we can get you moving in the right direction.

Cheers to stepping up to MORE.



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