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December 27, 2019
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December 27, 2019

The four types of wins you’ll see

Do you know my favorite part of the SIGNED weekly coaching calls?

Wait – let me explain. 

In SIGNED, each week, students learn one step of the program, then we get together in the middle of the week and go deeper on a live coaching call. 

And even though students are constantly getting coaching in the private Facebook group, it’s on these Zoom calls where students get live, face-to-face answers from coaches so they can keep moving forward.

So back to my question: do you know my favorite part of these calls?

It’s not when we answer someone’s question and they have a breakthrough right there on screen, although that’s super exciting and inspiring.

It’s not when we do a live-review of someone’s messaging or proposal, although that’s amazing to see something go from “just okay” to absolutely compelling.

It’s the wins.

The first thing we do on every SIGNED call is share our Weekly Wins. This is where students announce a win they had in the past week, and we all cheer them on and give them major props.

There are four types of wins you can share – these are the wins students see in the program:

  1. A client win – you won a new client
  2. A money win – you charged or got paid more than before
  3. A mindset win – you approached something differently, even if it’s uncomfortable
  4. A business win – something great happened in your business in general

Why do we start with wins?

Because running your business can be lonely, and when you don’t have a community to celebrate with, it can feel even lonelier.

Sure, we have spouses, significant others, and close friends. But some things just feel odd to tell people.

You landed a new contract for many thousands of dollars? It’d be weird if you told the CVS cashier.

That’s why we start with wins. And we get REAL with these wins. We talk numbers. We pat ourselves on the back HARD.

It’s where we hear things like:

“I got back three signed proposals last week, and two of them chose my most expensive program! In fact, yesterday was the best day ever in my business!”

“I had a great discovery call with a new prospect yesterday. I felt so confident – it couldn’t have gone any better!”

“I had a mindset win and followed up with someone who had gone quiet, but I had been afraid to reach out. I did it according to your method and now we have a call scheduled for next week!”

The wins that students share? They’re amazing, and they inspire everyone. 

But it’s not just about feeling good about yourself. Since we’ve started doing Weekly Wins, I’ve seen the wins get better. There are more of them. The contracts are bigger. The mindset wins are more groundbreaking. 

The results of the program are better.

Running your business doesn’t have to be lonely. You too can be a part of a group of incredible women — your people — who have your back and are ready to celebrate you.

If this sounds like the kind of group you’d like to be part of, I’d invite you to apply for the next cohort of SIGNED.

This is our last time we’ll offer the program this year, and as always, I intend to pack it full of actionable value so students just like you can start using this system RIGHT away.

After you apply, you’ll be invited to a call with our team where we’ll openly and honestly talk about if this is the right fit for you right now.

You can learn more about the content… and the community… of SIGNED right here. But don’t wait – spots are limited!

To your success,


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