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February 22, 2017
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The Conversation Technique That Creates New Clients, Using One Key Phrase [Case Study]

A while back I shared my technique for turning the dreaded “Can I pick your brain” into a business-builder, and I love hearing stories about how people are using it to increase their revenue.

The Advisory Services Technique lets you deftly re-frame a “pick your brain” conversation, and offer an easy way for people to start paying you for your expertise.

It's incredibly simple, requiring only a little planning and one key phrase: "“There are a few ways that I work with people in your situation…”.

And the best part? It doesn’t feel awkward, or weird, or make people feel bad about asking for your help. It serves to not only reinforce that you’re an expert, but it establishes that you’re running a business here!

Ben's Story

Ben Bisbee, president of Rhinocorn Consulting, has already used the Advisory Services technique to get new clients:

    As someone who had built a reputation as a go-to-guy for information sharing and thought-leadership, it was an easy transition to start my own consultancy as someone who could be seen as effective and trusted.

    However, a side-effect of this reality is that it was hard for my network to wrap their heads around the fact that now I needed to be paid for that go-to information and thought-leadership.

    Then a few months into my struggle, I read How to turn the dreaded "Can I pick your brain?” Into a Business-Builder, from the Growthworks Solutions blog. It was like reading a page from my own personal experience. I had been a brain, easy to pick. But now I needed to charge for that brain-picking to make my livelihood.

    Immediately after reading the article, I decided to build an easy to leverage "Monthly Advisory Services" model for my consultancy that gave everyone what they wanted: ample, solicited advice from me, and a fee structure I could feel good about.

    It's not only been a life-saver, it's been a really effective way to help re-frame those still want to pick my brain but are sensitive to picking my pocket in return.

    In the short time I've been using it, I've already gained two clients for this service alone, and one is upgrading to additional work with me. I cannot thank Leah and Growthworks Solutions enough.

    I'm still a go-to-guy for brain picking, but now if I feel someone needs more definitive support or that they might be taking advantage of my go-to nature, being able to talk about my Monthly Advisory Services, has become a really thoughtful way to continue the conversation without feeling taken advantage of or awkward.


Are you ready to start turning “Can I pick your brain” into a business builder? Here’s how to get started.


How to Implement Advisory Services For Your Business, Like a Boss

  1. Create the scope - Wherever you keep your notes, sketch out a quick Advisory Services package scope. Think through how many hours your clients might want or need depending on where they are in their business, what they need to accomplish, etc.
  2. Sketch out the price - Think through what it’s worth to you to spend this time with clients, and the value it will offer their business. As a small business owner, your time is also valuable, and there’s an opportunity cost to spending this time with them. Make it worth your while.
  3. Practice proposing it to prospects - To get comfortable with it, practice it on 2-3 upcoming calls or meetings, and include it in your proposals.

Have you used this technique with your potential clients? Send me an email and let me know how it went! leah@growthworkssolutions.com.


One More Thing...

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