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December 27, 2019
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What happens when you show up (podcast inside)

I think it was a Tuesday when I got the invitation.

I had just received an invite to be a guest on a podcast.

From someone I’d never met or connected with before.

And the podcast was AWESOME, with a fantastic host, and an invitation to talk about a topic that’s squarely in my area of expertise.

This interview request came seemingly out of the blue. I hadn’t pitched myself or hustled to be noticed by the host.

It was totally random.

Except, it wasn’t. Because it came from LinkedIn. 

For the past few years, I’ve been honing a specific strategy on LinkedIn to get clients, referrals, and other partner opportunities just like this. That strategy became the Pack Your Pipeline strategy, which I now teach other women consultants. 

The host found me on LinkedIn because of that exact strategy, in exactly the same way I teach my students.

And these are the kind of results I tell my students to expect.

Because when you put yourself out there, 

when you position yourself as an expert, 

when you are seen by the exact right people, 

…suddenly these “random” opportunities will pop up more often.

Since I’ve been consistently implementing the Pack Your Pipeline LinkedIn strategy, these things happen all the time. (No exaggeration.)

Invitations for interviews that I’d love to be on (on topics I love to talk about!)

Connection requests from people who I know I can help.

Referrals to ideal clients from people I’ve connected with on LinkedIn.

But while the strategy IS fantastic, there’s one key ingredient you MUST include to see these kind of results. 

People ask me all the time, %FIRSTNAME%: “If you were to tell the ONE thing you need to do to get clients, what would it be?”

The truth? Show up consistently with a proven strategy.

The problem is showing up consistently takes some faith. It takes trust. And along the way you might wonder if it’s worth it. 

Imagine I’m taking you by the shoulders and looking you in the eye for this part:

It is always worth it. Showing up consistently with a proven strategy is always worth the time and effort you put into it.

It WILL yield clients, garner opportunities, open up partnerships.

There’s no shortcut in the world that can give you lasting results like that.

If you’re ready to get a strategy in place that you can show up for consistently, I’m teaching a new live workshop on January 14th called “5 Steps To Attract Your Ideal Consulting Clients Using LinkedIn”… and you’re invited. 

You’ll learn the simple strategy that positions you as an expert, helps you stand out, and brings your ideal clients TO YOU… 

This is the exact strategy I use.

Since you’re on my subscriber list, all you have to do is click the link below and you’ll have your seat saved for you.

And if you show up LIVE you’ll get a special BONUS gift: My 25 Highest-Performing LinkedIn Posts – grab them, tweak them, put them to use right away! (But it's only for those who show up live!)

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See you there!

– Leah

P.S. Space is limited on this training, so be sure to save your spot now before the spots fill up.PPS. Want to hear that podcast interview that came from LinkedIn? You can listen right here– it’s a good one!

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