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June 2, 2019
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June 30, 2019

Your goals are achievable

She said to me, “I don’t even like saying my goals out loud, because I don’t want to be limited by them.”

After some encouragement, she finally said them. She wanted to double her income in the next year, and she wanted to stop traveling to clients.

“But I don’t know if that’s even reasonable, or if it’s possible.”

I assured her that yes, not only is it reasonable, it’s entirely achievable.

Then I could hear the change in her voice as she relaxed: “It’s nice to hear someone say that.”



I get excited about goals. Your goals. The bigger the goals, the better.

But something interesting happens every time I speak with women running consulting business, after I them about their goals.

Inevitably, when I ask them how they’re feeling, they say some version of what my client said: “It’s nice to hear someone say that my goals are achievable.”

That makes me feel good, sure. I like to help women see what’s possible.

But it also makes me sad. Everyone deserves to know for sure that their goals are reasonable, and totally achievable.


You want to double the revenue in your consulting business over the next year? Achievable.

You want to double your prices, only do the strategic part, and ditch the implementation work? Achievable.

You want to hit the mid 6-figures and never work a Friday or a weekend again? Achievable.


I promise you: your goals are achievable.



Sometimes we don’t have people in our lives who can boost us like this.

They may not know what’s possible, because they’ve never seen or experienced it. In those cases, it’s a failure of information.

More often, if they say you can’t do it, or it’s not possible, it’s a direct result of their own stuff, not yours. That’s a failure of source: you’re asking the wrong people.

So let me say it now, if we haven’t had the chance to talk in person:




But I’ll also tell you this: what it will take is not what got you here. You need a plan to get there, you need a strategy, you need guidance… and most of all…

You need permission. Not from me, but from yourself. 🙂

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