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May 15, 2017
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As soon as you start your business, you realize a simple truth: businesses live and die by how much revenue you can bring into your company.

For most of us, that translates into how many clients you can sign. And that's where a lot of people get stuck.

When I first started my business, selling to new clients is where I got seriously, dreadfully stuck.

In fact, when I started my first consulting business, I didn't know how to sell at all. Which was incredibly embarrassing, considering that I had been in marketing my whole life.

But beyond just embarrassing, it was paralyzing. I hated selling. I'd go so far as to say I was actually afraid of it.

I used to dread every potential client conversation. Even just talking about my company would make me feel like the salesiest salesperson.

I would get to the end of a conversation and be stuck, with no idea what to do next.

I wrote proposals that I thought were great, but were actually dreadful.

I discounted when I should have negotiated. I held back when I should have followed up.

I would actually shy away from meetings, instead relying on my business partner to do them all.

I was in a prison of my own making: stuck in between wanting to grow my business, fearful that it would fail because I couldn't bring on new clients, but afraid to actually go out and sell.

In my lowest moment, I broke down. Drawn to the safety of a stable income, I went back and got an office job.

But I immediately knew it wasn't right. I wasn't happy.

I knew that if I truly wanted to run a business and make it grow, I needed to do something different.

So I took a leap. I completely dove in to teach myself everything I could about selling. I read every sales book I could get my hands on. I studied every approach. Over the course of several years, I read and tried and tested nearly every sales tactic.

But it wasn't until I developed my own personal selling style, that things started to really click.

Once I developed my own style, things started to fall into place.

I started being able to talk about my work in a way that made people WANT to work with me.

I was able to lead the sales process, instead of feeling like I was at the mercy of my clients.

I let go of the mindset that was holding me back.

And I got to be myself. Not salesy, not fake. Authentic, and real, and just me.

Unlike before, I was walking into client conversations with confidence. And I was walking out knowing exactly how to help them say yes.

A 92% close rate and nearly $1MM in client work later, I realized that I had figured it out.

Creating my own selling style that works is a process that took me years to figure out. But I talk to so many people who are struggling with this today.

That's why, for the past 6 months, I've been working on a program to help entrepreneurs learn what it took me years to learn: how to actually sell to -- and sign -- new clients. Even if you hate selling.

SIGNED is an 8-week master class where I guide you through the process of learning how to sell to -- and sign -- new clients, consistently and confidently.

And it's for people like you, who just aren't sure you're "doing sales right". Who've gotten a No from a client and aren't sure why. Or who think you're "just not good at sales".

I've shared more details about the program here.

So, if you ever wondered:

"How do I talk about myself in a way that makes people WANT to work with me?"

"How do I put together a winning, compelling proposal?"

"I'm worried about being salesy or annoying."

I cover that and more.

The best part: You don't have to become a salesy salesperson. You still get to be yourself.

And it gets better

SIGNED registration is open now, and only for a limited time. And during this limited time, you'll get two incredible bonuses that I'm only offering right now:

  • Pre-Launch Pricing - instead of the $1,495 launch price, I'm offering a pre-launch discount of two payments of $249.
  • A bonus personal coaching call with me - this alone is a $275 value (and it's fun!)

Is this the year that you truly learn how to sell to -- and SIGN -- new clients? Head over to the SIGNED page to learn more!

Thanks and I hope to see you over there!

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